Seasonal Property Services 

Residential and Commercial
Flower Bed Design & Installation 

  • annuals, perennials, shrubs, bulbs,vines, wildflowers, ornamental grasses
  • low maintenance
  • all season
  • native plants
  • theme gardens
  • butterfly / bird attracting gardens

We pride ourselves in our ability to create landscape designs in addition to our special event floral designs. Proffesional landscaper design and installation of flower beds provides for curb appeal, all season color. Properly designed and installed flowerbeds will make your home more inviting proving that "wow" factor which leaves a first lasting imperession. 
Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower Bed Care services provided are:

  • planting and removals
  • weeding
  • dead-heading
  • fertilizing
  • divinding and transplanting
  • soil amendment
  • edging
  • mulching
  • spring cleanups and fall cleanups
  • prunning 
  • covers and wrapping 

 Seasonal Flower Bed Maintenance contracts include:

  • spring flower-bed cleanup and debris removal
  • weekly, bi-weekly or monthly weeding & cultivating 
  • weekly, bi-weekly or monthly dead- heading and pruning
  • fall flower-bed cleanup and debris removal
  • winterizing by applying rose covers and wrapping shrubs
  • planting of annuals as requested


Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower Bed Design & Installation

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May through October